Commercial Charter Services
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Adhoc and Series Charters
We offer charter capacity with the world's leading airlines. Adhoc and series flights for operators ...
Conference & Special Events
Your charter flights become part of the experience with short transfer times & inflight branding ...
Pilgrimages & Religious Tours
Travel straight to the world's holy places on a flight that's tailored to your pilgrim's needs ...
Sport Event Charters
Fly to a schedule that suits you. Get your team and fans closer to the action ...
Cruise Line Charters
A cruise starts at the check-in desk. Have your flights match the standards of your ship...
For Smaller Groups
Fly your sales team or your clients for maximum business effectiveness...
Adhoc and Series Charters

Inclusive Tour Charters


Aircraft Charter Services for tour operators of all sizes


As independent aviation brokers we are able to provide access to charter capacity with many of the world's leading airlines. When you work with us, you're not tied to any particular airline; you have complete freedom of choice over aircraft type, seat capacity, and route.


Our range of aviation services includes whole plane charters, part-charters or seat allocations on consolidation flights.

We count some of Europe’s major integrated tour operators among our clients and since we're able to consolidate aircraft capacity, we work just as successfully with privately owned independent operators and niche travel specialists.
Long and short flying programmes


Our IT sales team is at hand to provide you with a highly personalized service, offering expert advice and guidance to ensure the success of your charter series.


Whether you require a full season flying program or supplemental peak season capacity we will work hard to deliver the right solution, taking care of all operational and contractual details for you.



Conference & Special Events

Conference & Incentive Flights


Make your guests feel special from start to finish


When you fly guests to a conference or product launch, or as part of a sales incentive, you want them to feel special from start to finish. And the easiest way to do that is to charter your own aircraft.


Chartering puts you in control of your event. You choose the airports and flight times. You set the level of comfort that matches your budget and your brand — bespoke check-in facilities, upgraded meals, in-flight entertainment, corporate branding throughout the aircraft. These are just some of the options available to you when you charter.
Turning a connecting flight into part of the experience.


We've flown delegates to international conferences, successful sales teams to Mediterranean resorts, and motoring journalists to 4x4 launches in the desert. Better still, we've helped our clients add the touch of luxury that turned a connecting flight into part of the experience. We can do the same for you.



Pilgrimages & Religious Tours

Direct flights to the world's holy places


Pilgrims expect more than other travellers. They have religious and dietary needs that scheduled flights cannot easily accommodate. Many travel for physical and spiritual healing; they tend to be elderly and infirm and are often accompanied by helpers and sophisticated medical support. For whatever reason they fly, pilgrims share a unity of purpose that lends itself to a tailor-made charter flight.

Lourdes, Jerusalem, Mecca, Rome...


Our charter flights have taken groups of pilgrims to many of the world's holy places with minimum transfer distances and the least amount of fuss. Destinations included Lourdes, Jerusalem, Mecca, and Rome. We handled all the operational and contractual details which left the tour organisers with more time to concentrate on their programme and the needs of their pilgrims. We can do the same for you.



Sport Event Charters

A sports charter flight keeps players focused. It gives them the level of comfort they expect and it protects them from press and public intrusion. For event organisers and corporate sponsors, a charter flight is a time-saver that operates to your schedule and which flies direct to the stadium's nearest airport.


Flying athletes and supporters to victory


From school teams to Olympic athletes, from football to rugby, from horse racing to motor racing, we've carried the world's sporting stars, their supporters, and their valuable equipment to victory. We made life easy for them by looking after all operational and contractual details — and we can do the same for you.


Cruise Line Charters

A luxury cruise begins at the airport check-in desk


Discerning passengers expect cruise-ship quality from start to finish — from outbound airport check-in desk to joyful return. And the only way to ensure that connecting flights meet your standards is to charter your own aircraft.


Chartering puts you in control of your travel arrangements. You choose the airports and flight times. You set the level of comfort that matches your guests' expectations — bespoke check-in facilities, upgraded meals, in-flight entertainment, cruise-line branding throughout the aircraft.

Taking cruise-ship standards to the air, We've flown cruise-ship passengers to and from just about every cruising port in the world. We've shortened transfer times by choosing the nearest airport and we've helped our clients add the touches of luxury that turn a connecting flight into an integral part of the cruising experience. We can do the same for you.


For Smaller Groups

Make business travel as effective as your corporate strategy


The more people you fly to a conference, sales meeting, or trade show, the more important it is to cut unproductive travel time to the minimum. When 20 executives spend two hours waiting at an airport, you've lost the equivalent of a week's work.


Chartering an aircraft for corporate travel cuts your itinerary down to size. You fly when and where you want to, you eliminate wasteful connecting flights and reduce transfer times to the minimum. Better still, the entire team — anything from 16 to 80 passengers — arrives fresh and ready to do business.

Concentrate on your business, not the clock


Time saved on a corporate charter flight is time your team can devote to building business. There are no constraints on what you can achieve when you know your aircraft won't leave the tarmac until the event is concluded. You can take the sales team to southern Spain to discuss strategy, send the R&D team to Miami for an engineering conference, and fly your key distributors to Scotland for a weekend on the grouse moors.