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For Business Travellers
Save time and get the job done. Beat your competitors by flying direct ...
For Private Leisure
Wind down and enjoy the view. A trip in your own aircraft is a genuine break from routine ...
For Special Occasions
Suprise someone who deserves it. Take their breath away with a flight in a private aircraft ...
For VIPs and Celebrities
Keep up with a punishing schedule. Travel fast & in style while avoiding the cameras and crowds ...
For Smaller Groups
Fly your sales team or your clients for maximum business effectiveness ...
For Business Travellers

Time is money. We'll help you save both.


When you charter a private business jet, you set your own travel schedule — one that puts your business needs centre stage. You save time and you get the job done. There are no missed flights when meetings overrun, no time-wasting connections, and no waiting around in airport terminals.


Better still, you establish your own level of comfort: executive luxury or an efficient service that gets you in and out of your destination fast. Everything revolves around your business objectives: do you want to make a client feel special or simply close a deal faster than your competitors?

Travel at the speed you do business


A private business charter typically carries between 4 and 18 passengers with virtually no limits on where you can fly. Your aircraft takes you where your business takes you — to New York to address investors, to Hamburg to discuss European sales, to Mumbai to resolve supply issues.


With a private jet there are no onboard distractions. You can work, conduct meetings, or plan strategy while you travel.


For Private Leisure

Turn your flight into part of the break


Time off should be exactly that — a break from the daily routine. You don't want to waste it in airport queues, waiting for luggage or delayed flights, and you certainly don't want to be squeezed in with a planeload of anxious travellers.


A private aircraft sets you free. You travel where and when you want to — for a day at the races, a gastronomic break in Tuscany or a weekend of Scottish golf. You fly at a pace and in a style that matches your holiday mood.
Fly as an individual, not a booking reference


Travelling with friends, family, or colleagues makes a journey in your own private jet as relaxing, exhilarating, or luxurious as the destination you're flying to. You have room to stretch out and time to relax. You can party or you can put your feet up. There's no one to disturb you, and plenty of room for your luggage.



For Special Occasions

Everyone loves a surprise, yet few surprises have the power to take someone's breath away. But that's exactly what happens when you charter an aircraft. It's the one treat that leaves your guests speechless.


If you want people to know how much they mean to you — spouses, families, customers, or colleagues — charter an aeroplane for their special occasion. A chartered aircraft wins every time: guests need not even know until they arrive at the airport that you've chartered an aircraft specially for them; a flight gives no clues to the ultimate destination; the level of service can outstrip anything your guests have experienced before.


No two special occasions should ever be the same. It's their uniqueness that makes them special. That's why it's worth chartering an aircraft to mark the occasion — anniversary, birthday, graduation, retirement, successful year, big contract win, or heartfelt thank you. Whatever the treat, your guests will get there quicker and more comfortably in a chartered aeroplane.


And if you want to keep your plans secret until the last possible moment, that's no problem either. We can arrange for everyone in the chain — from check-in staff to aircrew — to keep the destination confidential.



For VIPs and Celebrities

Meet your commitments, not the paparazzi


Celebrities and VIPs are in demand. They travel far and they travel fast. Today London, tomorrow Lisbon or Los Angeles — or maybe both on the same day. For politicians and pop stars, time is valuable and travel schedules can be punishing. Only privately chartered aircraft can keep up with such a fast-moving itinerary; only private travel keeps the paparazzi at arm's length.


Travel in a style that matches your status


Private charter lets VIPs travel in a style that matches their status. Almost anything is possible from special diets to a case of vintage champagne. There may even be room for a favourite pet. Most important of all, a private jet gives a celebrity time to catch up on sleep and to prepare for the next engagement.


Private jets are discrete. Time in the air is time to yourself, flight times are not published, and you can choose out-of-the-way airfields to avoid the press and the public.



For Smaller Groups

Make business travel as effective as your corporate strategy


The more people you fly to a conference, sales meeting, or trade show, the more important it is to cut unproductive travel time to the minimum. When 20 executives spend two hours waiting at an airport, you've lost the equivalent of a week's work.

Chartering an aircraft for corporate travel cuts your itinerary down to size. You fly when and where you want to, you eliminate wasteful connecting flights and reduce transfer times to the minimum. Better still, the entire team — anything from 16 to 80 passengers — arrives fresh and ready to do business.


Concentrate on your business, not the clock


Time saved on a corporate charter flight is time your team can devote to building business. There are no constraints on what you can achieve when you know your aircraft won't leave the tarmac until the event is concluded. You can take the sales team to southern Spain to discuss strategy, send the R&D team to Miami for an engineering conference, and fly your key distributors to Scotland for a weekend on the grouse moors.


Private Plane offers you:


  • Choice of airports, dates and departure times
  • Direct, non-stop flights
  • Luxury on-board catering
  • Satellite phone (on selected aircraft)
  • Private business terminals & lounges
  • Range of ground transfer services (incl. helicopter transfers)



Private charter puts you in control


Chartering a private aircraft through Private Plane gives you flexibility, increases comfort, and cuts formalities to the minimum. Many airports offer VIP terminals for private charter customers; others let you drive your car right up to the aircraft.

In every case, baggage handling is quick and efficient, check-in procedures are minimal and your travel arrangements remain out of the public eye.


For further information and preliminary price indications, call our executive charter team on 866-681-7900 or complete a charter enquiry form.